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  Rubber Hose For Sand Blasting   As per IS : 5894 : 1990
High pressure flexible hose conveys sand or other abrasive materials engineered for sand/shot blasting purposes in Ordnance factories, steel furniture manufacturing workshops, heavy engineering industries etc.

Application :
Used for discharge of bluk material and sandblasting.

Construction :
- Abrasion resistant conductive natural rubber tube.
- Textile reinforcement and antistetic copper wire embedded between the layers.
- Abrasion, heat and weather resistant cover.

Technical Specifications

LINING : Uniform seamless lining of highly abrasion resistant soft rubber compound.

REINFORCEMENT: Woven, braided or spirally wrapped textile material of natural or synthetic fibres.

COVER: Cloth-marked finish, resistant to abrasion and weather.

TEMPERATURE RANGE: -40° F to +158° F.

LENGTH: Upto 20 meters.

Nominal Bore in MM Working Pressure in PSI Bursting Pressure in PSI
10 Bar/150 Psi
40 Bar/600 Psi
10 Bar/150 Psi
40 Bar/600 Psi
10 Bar/150 Psi
40 Bar/600 Psi
10 Bar/150 Psi
40 Bar/600 Psi
10 Bar/150 Psi
40 Bar/600 Psi
10 Bar/150 Psi
40 Bar/600 Psi