Carbon Free Rubber Hose

Non-Conductive (electrical) hose used as an outer protective covering for power cables in steel mills, glass works etc. to avoid damage to cable, leakage of current due to exposure to open flame, splashes of hot metal or radiation.

Cable Coolant Hose Plain or with Asbestos CoverUsed for conveying power cable with a mix of oil as an additional protection from exposure to extremely high temperature, radiation from steel furnace, open flame etc.

Asbestos Covered furnace coolant hoseEspecially designed for service in iron and steel mills, glass works, electrical furnace and out fields where hose resistant to heat, radiation open flame and splashes of hot metal is required.

Metalurgical applications as cooling of induction cables of electronic furnaces and posts. (With & without Asbestos cover).

 Special non conductive white rubber tube.

 Textile reinforecement.

 Abrasion and heat resistant red rubber cover.

 Glass fibre or asbestos coverupon request.

Technical Specifications

Construction Lining: White or Black, smooth nonconductive synthetic rubber compound oil& electrical resistant.

Reinforcement: Rubberised Woven textile fabric natural synthetic rubber.

Cover:Oil & heat or electrical resistant synthetic rubber compound asbestos cloth capable to withstand temperature upto 500°C (932° F).

Length:Upto 20 Meters.

Nominal Bore in MM Working Pressure in PSI Bursting Pressure in PSI
12.5 10 Bar 40 Bar
16.0 10 Bar 40 Bar
20.0 10 Bar 40 Bar
25.0 10 Bar 40 Bar
28.0 10 Bar 40 Bar
31.5 10 Bar 40 Bar
35.0 10 Bar 40 Bar
38.0 10 Bar 40 Bar
50.0 10 Bar 40 Bar
56.0 10 Bar 40 Bar
60.0 10 Bar 40 Bar
63.0 10 Bar 40 Bar
70.0 40 Bar 40 Bar
75.0 40 Bar 40 Bar


40 Bar 40 Bar