Oil Suction & Discharge Rubber Hose For Services

As per IS : 8189 : 1986

Designed for heavy Duty water suction and discharge service, where rugged yet flexible hose is required both for dewatering and delivery purpose during excavation of mines, project construction, deflooding operations and for handling sewerage, waste water and mud.

Types of Hoses:Type 1- Hose with rough bore. Type 2- Hose with smooth bore. If the liquids are non-corrosive & do not carry solids in suspension, as in the case with muddy.

For suction discharged of gasoline, fuel and diesel oil from tanks and other transfer services.

 1 G.I. Helix wire & 2 G.I. Helix wire

 Cotton / synthetic fabric reinforcement.

 Oil resistance synetic rubber tube.

 Oil, weather and abrasion resion smooth outer rubber cover.

 Available in Smooth & Rough bore.

Technical Specifications

Lining: A blend of natural and synthetic rubber compound resistant to water and abrasion.

Reinforcement: Natural or Synthetic fabric ora combination thereof with two helical GS Wire embedded between the reinforcement plies, in case of rough bore, of the two helical wire reinforcements, first is internal and visible from inside and the second is embedded between layers of plies.

Cover:Corrugated or Plain cloth marked finish out cover made from natural rubber compound resistant to abrasion and whether.

End connections: Each hose length has soft plain ends on each side for clamping or built in nipples flanges on request.

Length: 20 Meter upto 100 mm/4’ size and 6 meter above sizes or buyer specifications.

Nominal Bore in MM Working Pressure in PSI Bursting Pressure in PSI
25.0 150 PSI 600 PSI
31.5 150 PSI 600 PSI
38.0 150 PSI 600 PSI
45.0 150 PSI 600 PSI
50.0 150 PSI 600 PSI
56.0 150 PSI 600 PSI
63.0 150 PSI 600 PSI
75.0 150 PSI 600 PSI
100.0 150 PSI 600 PSI
125.0 150 PSI 600 PSI
150.0 150 PSI 600 PSI
200.0 150 PSI 600 PSI
250.0 150 PSI 600 PSI