Milk / Brewery Hose

Manufacture with hygienic grade rubber is designed for multiple use in.

Breweries for conveying wine, alchlic liquors etc.

Dairy plants for carrying milk and other dairy products as also edible oils or any other food stuff from point to another.

Size range
½" ID upto 2" ID
Material Odorless & Tasteless Rubber Compound
Working Pressure 10 Bar
APPLICATION For transferring edilbe under pressure to tank truck or in- plant service. Especially suitable for hard to-handle products like milk,wine, Vinegar, Bear, Distilled Liquor or any other food stuff requring non toxic and abrasion resistant rubber tube.

Construction Tube:

White, Hygienic quality blend of synthetic and natural rubber free from odour, taste or toxic effect.

Reinforcement :Rubberised woven textile with or without wire helix.

Cover:Blend of natural and synthetic food quality rubber compound, white or coloured, cloth-marked finish, odorless, tasteless and free from toxic effect.

Temperature range: -40° F Upto 200° F

Length:Upto 20 Meters

Note : Other sizes and pressure rating available on request.

As per ISS 7654 Type I & II
Size range
¾" ID upto 6 " ID
Service Dilute / Corrosive Chemicals
Material Butyl, Neoprene,Synthetic Rubber
Fittings Rubber / Slip on Built in
Working Pressure 7 Bar - 10 Bar
APPLICATION For a wide range of chemicals, solvents, corrosive liquids in both pressue and suction sevice.