Cement Grounting Hose

As per IS : 8189 : 1986

Required for spraying of cement grout at irrigation projects, building, sites, bridges and roads in hilly terrains.

Technical Specifications:

Construction TubeUniform seamless lining of highly abrasion resistant soft rubber compound.

Reinforcement :Woven, Braiding textile material of natural or synthetic fibres.

Cover:Cloth-Marked finish, resistant to abrasion and whether.

Electrical bonding: Copper wire comprising a number of strands is incorporated between the reinforcement plies to provided electrical continuity along the whole length of the hose.

Temperature Range:-40° F Upto 258° F

Length:Upto 20 Meters

NoteOther sizes and pressure rating available on request.

Nominal Bore in MM Working Pressure in PSI Bursting Pressure in PSI
25.0 10 Bar 40 Bar
31.5 10 Bar 40 Bar
38.0 10 Bar 40 Bar
50.0 10 Bar 40 Bar
63.0 10 Bar 40 Bar
75.0 10 Bar 40 Bar